Wise Choices for Life

Building better futures starts at School

Admitting being a father to three, the shocked reaction of his pupil reminded Simon of the importance of increasing the knowledge outlined in the Wise Choices for Life project.  

As a Science and English teacher, he attempted to explain the benefits of family planning. However, it was through the integration of the WCFL program into the school curriculum that a greater understanding of this message was facilitated in the school community.  

Using the teachings and lessons of WCFL, Simon explained that family planning leads to a ‘better, sustainable life,’ which ultimately allows people to gain control over their livelihoods, ‘managing the poverty cycle.’ 

Having incorporated ‘around 22 programs,’ Simon emphasises that ‘when you teach our children, we build a better future.’ By educating the up-and-coming generation, he suggests that an immense impact will be felt in the broader community.  

Through addressing stigmatised issues such as menstruation, WCFL removes shame through educating all. As the students become informed, a reduction in absenteeism on the grounds of menstruation has been observed. This education allows the program to ‘give dignity to both girls and boys.’