Leave a Bequest

A gift in your will creates a lifetime of inspiring change.

Leaving a bequest is one of the most powerful things you can do to eliminate poverty.  When you leave a gift in your will, you are ensuring future generations do not have to fight to feed or educate their children, instead you are bringing people hope that will resound long into the future. Your gift is a declaration to the oppressed that they are loved by God and their future is worth fighting for.

An Opportunity to Share

Our Will reflects what we care about. It can provide an opportunity to share with our family the values our life is built upon and encourage them to live lives of generosity as God directs them.

How can you support your family to live a life of generosity?

  1. Talk about why you give. Your family might know that you support your church, Wise Choices for Life and other causes, but do they know why? Sharing your choices with your family doesn’t need to mean sharing financial details, rather sharing your hopes and values.
  2. Consider sharing resources from your church, Wise Choices for Life, or other causes with your family and talk about them together.

We recommend you consult a solicitor to help you draft your bequest. This is the best way to ensure that your intentions are accurately recorded and are legally binding.