Encouraging value and equality brings voice to the most marginalised

It is at an inclusive school for children with disabilities in Mbala, Uganda, that dedicated teacher Caroline can make the most significant impact.

Having joined the Wise Choices for Life program in 2018, her training has allowed the most marginalised in her community to regain their voice and, therefore, their sense of value to the community. By conducting outlined WCFL programs such as ‘My Amazing Body,’ Caroline can introduce the notion of self-acceptance and confidence.

As most children in this community face adversity, the lessons WCFL provides encourage personal empowerment.

WCFL has created ripples that span far beyond the boundaries of the schoolyard. With a boost in self-esteem, the children can begin to effectively make change within their community.

By ensuring quality and equal education for all, these children can develop in parallel with others in their community. Assertion is nurtured, allowing students to make considered decisions that promote a ‘better life for themselves in the future’.

It is this empowerment that Caroline suggests is pivotal in altering the perceptions of the community regarding people with disabilities. She thanks sponsors for their continued and dedicated support in ‘abundantly’ rewarding her community.