What we do

The Training

We have divided the training into three Modules and now run this over a one week residential usually held in November.

The facilitators are local volunteers from a variety of backgrounds under the leadership of Joyce Kidulu, the local Coordinator for Wise Choices For Life in Uganda.

How we train

Using drama, role plays, discussions, small group work and debates we help people think critically and engage with the knowledge that we are passing on. We use professional training aids to teach medical facts and help people understanding sensitive topics. Our workshops are 100% interactive, fun and challenging, allowing people to question their current way of thinking and consider how they may effectively work in their communities.

People leave with practical skills as well as new knowledge.

Reproductive Health Workshop Training


At the end of each module participants complete a short exam to consolidate the information they have learnt. On successful completion of all three modules the participants graduate and Certified Wise Choices for Life Trainers.  We encourage everyone to use the skills in their homes, personal lives, workplace and wider community. 


There is the opportunity for individuals to partner with Wise Choices for Life and become Accredited Wise Choices for Life Trainers and train the trainers and to eventually run the workshops for Modules 1, 2, and 3. These individuals may be invited to c0-facilitate future workshops and come for further training with Wise Choices for Life.


Wise Choices for Life wants Uganda to have ownership of the issues and to finding the solutions. Individuals, organizations and missions will need to buy into the training by helping with the costs of the workshop, thereby giving responsibility to the trainee and a sustainable model of ministry for Wise Choices for Life. Each workshop will have different costs according to the sponsoring organization.

The Future

Wise Choices for Life has the goal to reach as many young people as possible around Uganda with the message that they can control their fertility and therefore have some control over their circumstances in life.

Using trainers from Australia and Uganda, we are building a team through the workshops that support and encourage each other thereby empowering the participants to impact many others.

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