What we do

Wise Choices for Life seeks to work in partnership with local organisations who are already working with the vulnerable and poor in their communities.  By building the capacity of staff and volunteers of  these groups we give them another tool with with to impact the places where they are working.

Training up local people who can effectively communicate the key messages to those around them is central to the way that we work. Connecting with local people and ensuring they have a key role in how these culturally sensitive messages can be communicated means that those who most need to hear it will.

Wise Choices For Life has received endorsement letters from the following organisations:

  1. Ugandan Ministry of Health
  2. Church of Uganda
  3. Ugandan Christian University

These are the organisations we are currently connected with

Since 2013 we have been working in partnership with JENGA Community Development Outreach, a community development organisation working with numerous community groups in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.  Most of the JENGA staff have graduated from the three modules of training and are implementing the training as part of their outreach.

Pastor Vinnie Munyosi is one of the founders and Directors of JENGA, as well as pastoring Bethel Baptist Church and overseeing a number of churches in the area.  The holistic nature of WCFL training lends itself to the vision of Bethel – to bring holistic transformation into their communities. They have been able to implement WCFL in their youth work, men’s groups and couples training, and are already seeing an impact in people’s attitudes.  Now they understand to think about the number of children they can afford to raise, and realise that having 10 children traps them in poverty.

We are excited to be developing a partnership with the Church of Uganda.  Having met with their Health Department at the end of 2014, they have embraced the concept of WCFL training and are looking to incorporate it into their Reproductive Health Training programs across Uganda.

We have trained 12 senior people from the C.O.U health department who have purchased 3 training kits.

The MOH have approved and endorsed our training to be used in community. They have agreed it’s a needy area and coming through the churches it has a powerful influence on the people.

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