What we do
Our Approach

The Three Pillars

Reproductive Health and Family Planning

We teach basic knowledge in terms that lay people can understand. Using visual teaching aids we demonstrate the details of how God has created our bodies and the way they are intended to be used.

We promote a broad range of family planning, but do not hand out products, and do not do individual consultations. We always recommend that people go to the health clinic for further advise.

The majority of our trainers are not health professionals, however we do aim to have two medically trained people on the team for each workshop.

Life Skills

Knowledge alone will not change behaviour, but when we combine it with practical life skills then it can lead to new attitudes which in turn lead to new behaviour and habits.

Under the four categories of

  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills
  • Communication Skills

the skills we focus on include the following

  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Affirmation
  • Self-respect
  • New values for boys
  • Empowerment for girls
  • Good role models
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Understanding consequences

Using these skills to take hold of practical knowledge allows young people to more effectively apply what they are learning.

Identity in Christ

Underpinning all of the knowledge and skills is the foundational knowledge that we are all made equally in the image of God. Each person has a value and a purpose.

As individuals discover God as a loving Father, they are able to understand their own identity as a child of God and consider the choices they can make to reflect how they should live. We are each God’s unique masterpiece and he has a destiny for each and every person to achieve good things.

Affirming who we are and the good gifts that Father God has placed in each persons life is an essential part of the training that is demonstrated so that participants take it back into the communities with them.

Train the Men

It might sound obvious to say, but in a male dominated society the men are the decision makers, including on what happens in the home.  Therefore the men need to be educated and empowered, even more so than the women, to make life changing decisions about the size of the families.

Demonstrate the choices people can make

We seek to challenge the world view that many children make you strong, wealthy and prosperous, by transferring information and life skills to people, encouraging them to think critically and make wise choices for their lives.

Through our training we show:

  • how God has designed a woman’s body for pregnancy and birth, and the things that need to be considered to keep both the mother and baby as healthy as possible.
  • the impact on the family, community, environment and the nation of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.
  • that good parenting skills and role models impact the next generation to also make healthy decisions in life.

Train the Leaders within the community

Many emerging countries rely on faith leaders to influence the thinking of the community. Therefore, training leaders to encourage smaller families can impact whole communities.

Empower through knowledge

The cycle of poverty, disease and ignorance can be broken when correct information and life skills are transferred into the hearts and minds of the young people.  This changes attitudes, challenges beliefs and shifts people toward responsible behaviour.


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