What we do
Capacity Building
Capacity Building

One of our key aims is to build the capacity of the partner organisations we work with.

There are many community development organisations doing amazing work. But we have found there is a significant lack of people who are confident to talk with understanding about sex, conception, pregnancy and issues of reproductive health.

We provide a tool for these organisations, so that their staff are trained to talk about the core issues of sexuality.  Professional development is provided for teams, so staff also grow in their own ability and learn the skills of being a facilitator and trainer.

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that impacts many levels of society, and when it discussed, addressed and reduced, then all other community development work will benefit.

  • There will be less of a need for orphanages
  • Educating girls will be easier as they can be kept in school
  • School class sizes can become more manageable
  • There can be a reduction in crime, and less young girls on the street
  • There will be fewer single mothers for the community to care for

Meet Loyce

It was Day 1 of Module 2 when Loyce arrived about three hours late, bringing her 3 very small children with her. They had walked over two hours to get there, but what was even more shocking was her heavily pregnant belly, meaning that she will soon have 4 children under 5 years of age.

One of our trainers sat down with Loyce over lunch to find out more of her story. Loyce and her husband are educated village teachers but ignorant about family planning and reproductive health. Her husband had toldher to come back to Wise Choices for Life

so they could both learn how to stop the babies coming.   

This is a familiar story, as the subject remains either taboo or full of confusing myths and half- truths.

Now, having graduated from the training, Loyce is taking part in a program run by JENGA mentoring, 50 adolescent girls, and being able to impact their lives in a positive way.

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