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Wise Choices for Life provides professional training for trainers and individuals who are directly involved in community health, education and poverty reduction programs. Working with partner organisations, we train those who are in a position to take this knowledge and skill directly back into the communities, particularly to the young people. Our aim is to build the capacity of these organisations so they are better equipped to impact those people they are serving.

The animation used to introduce much of the training.

Our workshops provide correct knowledge on how to use their bodies responsibly and encourage participants to acquire skills in critical thinking, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, coping, and self-management. By providing a strong framework of Godly values we promote discussion about the challenges, choices and consequences of the social pressures that are experienced in their cultures. The Three Pillars of our approach ensure that our training is holistic, focussing on the practical, emotional and spiritual issues around the subject of sexuality and reproductive health.  The desired outcome is to stimulate behavioural change and empower young people in particular to make ‘Wise Choices for Life’.

Even for those who are fortunate enough to gain a vocational skill, unless they are able to make some cultural changes, they will find themselves treading the same path as their parents and grandparents.  A vocation on its own is not enough to lift a person out of poverty if certain traditions are not challenged and changed.  The positive effect of having both a vocational skill and knowledge around how to make wise choices with regards to your sexuality and family size can launch these young people toward a new vision for a brighter future. The program offers solutions tested over time.

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