With a population of over 37 million in a space the size of Victoria, Australia, and an average fertility rate of over 6 children per woman, Family Planning is recognised as a significant need in Uganda.  A significant lack of understanding around methods of family planning fuels the rumours and myths.  Alongside that many people do not know the basics of how our bodies are created for conception and pregnancy.

However, the need is not only for effective family planning, but for education in reproductive and sexual health. The young people need to understand how family planning actually works so they can take full responsibility for themselves and their children.

Maternal health is a major issue with 16 women dying everyday from pregnancy or childbirth related issues.  This means that women who are pregnant and give birth in Uganda are unsure of their chances of survival.  So many of these issues are preventable with greater understanding of the causes.  And when maternal deaths are reduced so are the number of orphans and abandoned babies – all of which have a significant impact on poverty.

Whilst Uganda has so much going for it, it has many challenges to overcome.  Emerging cultures are often trapped in population growth beyond the expansion of the economy to sustain it.  Exponential population growth increases the poverty cycle as infrastructure and services, already struggling, have no hope of catching up with the need, let alone meeting it.  And the impact on the environment isn’t even a factor taken into consideration when people are struggling for survival.


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