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The Kit


Buying for those who can’t

Here you can find some of the most common educational materials Wise Choices for Life uses in its work. By sending in the cost for one or more of these items, it will allow us to purchase that for someone who can’t. It really makes a difference!

Your donation can also be a gift to someone you love. We’ll send you a blank card so you can honour your friend with your donated gift. Download the gift catalogue here.
If you wish to gift one of these items, please head to our Donations Page and remember to include your name, address and chosen gift.


List of common training materials

Each item in the Training Kit has a specific purpose to help demonstrate the basics of Reproductive Health, and is vital in providing correct information in a way that is easy to understand. Trainers can confidently use these materials to aid discussion and training on these sensitive subjects.

IMG_2374Pregnancy Flip Chart

This is used to show normal growth of the baby and the needs of the mother during pregnancy and after the birth.

IMG_2375Family Planning Flip Chart

Used to show natural and medical options for child spacing.

IMG_2373Growing up Book

Used to show the changes we go through during puberty, contains 34 questions and answers youth want to ask.


Magnetic Reproductive Health Board

This is used to show conception, pregnancy, male anatomy and female anatomy.


Dolls and pelvis

This is used to show:

  • Normal birth
  • Obstructed labour
  • Obstetric Fistulas
  • Dangers of early teenage pregnancies

small_largeSmall and Large Uterus – (donated)

This is used to show:

  • Normal birth and growth of the baby
  • Dangers of  Abortion
  • Hemorrhaging and having too many children too close together.

Other items include the Fertility Cycle Chart, the Life Skills Set, and a easel and weather proof carry satchel set made in Uganda.

The total cost of this kit is $500 AUD, or 1,300,000 Ugandan Shillings. If you are interested in purchasing one, or discussing sponsorship options, please contact us or visit our Donations page.

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