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Knit, Sew, Make

Knit, Sew, Make

Are you one of those creative people who would be able to turn your hand to making something for us?  We have a need for the following:

Knitted Uterus – yes, we do mean uterus! – is an important part of the training kit we use.  It helps to demonstrate why a woman haemorrhages after giving birth.  If you’re into knitting, you can download the patterns here.

Sanitary Pads – It’s sad to say that in countries like Uganda very few girls have access to items such as sanitary pads.  Many times a young girl will end up missing school out of embarrassment when she has her period and is not able to manage it.  Providing cloth sanitary pads is a more affordable and practical way for girls to negotiate this difficult time and ensure that they can make the most of their education.

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