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The Team

The Team

As a relatively young organisation, the Wise Choices for Life team is evolving and growing. The invaluable support of people just like you is enabling us to extend our work and strive for our vision.

Wise Choices for Life is an Incorporated Charity, accountable to and governed by the Board. Our Board consists of voluntary members from a broad cross section of business, not-for-profit and mission backgrounds who seek to advise and direct the organisation.

The Australia Team, promote the vision and develop the organisation, whilst also travelling frequently to Uganda to deliver training and build the capacity of the Uganda team. Much preparation takes place in Australia so that time away can be effectively used.

The Uganda Team are the amazing people on the ground who are implementing the Wise Choices for Life program and ensuring follow up is in place.

Our aim is to collaborate with, and equip, partner organisations that already work amongst local people in the region. We build capacity, develop and support their teams.

We are forever grateful to our growing team of volunteers who assist us with developing training materials, artwork, running workshops, knitting, sewing, woodwork and of course praying. Thank you to you all.

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